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Calypso's Lullabye
Sleep, my darling, Davy boy
Sleep, my precious, eager toy
Spend one night of raptured joy
And give yourself to me
Morn comes fast, you must away
On your ship so proud and gay
Must you go, oh can't you stay,
Stay and comfort me
Ride the billow! Reap the wave!
Waste the souls that you can't enslave!
Drive the drowned men, stout and brave
That fell 'fore raging sea!
Call the monster from the deep!
Slice the roaring breaker steep!
Hear the shore-bound widows weep
That love no more shall see!
Cruise the dark and damning waste!
Give the drowned their deathly taste!
Grasp them, hold them, then make haste
And bring their souls to me!
But you
Shall not
Find me
Sink and
Howl and
Find des-
Ride, my darling, burning child
Cross the deep, alone and wild
Ever hated and reviled
The Man who loved the Sea
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Squire at the Crossroads
The crossroads was a lonely place
Where I first met the Squire.
His suit was clean and neatly cut,
His eyes burned with dark fire.
He offered me his grasping claw,
He struck a graceful stance;
And so it was I bowed to him
And joined him for a dance.
O toss your head with the crumpled horn,
And stir the trodden dust!
The music plays through night and morn
And dance, o dance we must.

I danced with Squire Beelzebub—
We danced the night away,
Then came the dawn, then came the sun,
Then came the spreading day.
The Squire stretched out his claw to show
The roads that I might take,
But fog was o'er the roads all three
And I began to quake.
Quake not, spake Squire Beelzebub,
I'll tell you of their ending:
The leftmost road leads to a hoard
Of gold, with none defending.
The middle road leads to a throne,
And many there are bowed;
The right road is an endless life,
Of age and fortune proud.
O whip the air with your forkéd tail,
And make the cobbles sing!
To dance to the merr
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After Browning
That's my last Orbit lying in the bin,
Wrapped in a hanky. It's been lying in
My room since March: I got it from
A vending-machine in Cologne, for a small sum
Of coins. Disgusting, really; but I had
An interview, and thought my breath smelled bad.
Disgusting by design. The minty taste
Now deep and passionate in the bag of waste
Is chemical (but then, no-one puts by
Their tastes in times of need quite as do I).
But not the first are you to ask me why
If such is my abhorrence, I succumb
And ev'ry now and then buy chewing-gum.
The guidelines chanced to say: “Thy honoured breath
“Should fragrant be, or else the venture risketh
“miscarriage,“ and “Spend wisely what thou hast
“Lest th'interview be soured,” and so at last
I weakened, and – how shall I say? - took heart
(Too soon made glad?) and did my fiscal part.
Sir, 'twas all one! Th'affair is done and sealed,
The contract's signed, and to the Northland mailed,
And to me is the speaker's trad
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Zuend' die Katze an
Samstag Abend
Du hast nix zu tun
Willst nicht weggehn
Noch zu früh zum Ruh'n
Draußen nieselt's
Und im Fernsehen läuft nur Müll
Deine Freunde
Sind im Urlaub und
Captain Jack ist
Dir zu ungesund
Du musst pieseln
Und du hasst dieses Gefühl
die Katze an
Zünd! die Katze an
die Katze an
Zünd! die Katze an
die Katze an
Zünd! die Katze an
die Katze an
(Katze an)
(Komm, sie hat's doch verdient)
Au! Miau!
Au! Miau!
Au! Miau!
Komm, sie hat's doch (verdient, verdient, verdient) verdient
Au! Miau!
Au! Miau!
Au! Miau!
Zünd! Die Katze an!
Die verpufft recht schnell
Denn die Wohnung
Die erstrahlt so hell
Von dem Scheine
Von des Stubentigers heißen Fell
die Katze an
Zünd! die Katze an
die Katze an
Zünd! die Katze an
die Katze an
Zünd! die Katze an
die Katze an
(Katze an)
(Komm, sie hat's doch verdient)
Au! Miau!
Au! Miau!
Au! Miau!
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The Century Pageant
Mirya, a Yazan peasant woman
Martya, her sister
Yusuf, Martya's son
Malya, Mirya's daughter
Yasha, Mirya's son
Yeshu, Malya's newborn son
General Zapolon, leader of the army of Zayan
Sergeant Zagon
Private Zon
Private Zan
The border between Yaza and Zayan. Enter the army of Zayan, marching.
Gen. Zapolon
Company, HALT!
Sgt. Zagon, Pvt. Zon, Pvt. Zan
HOOAH! (They halt)
Gen. Zapolon
Well, men, this is it. We've reached the enemy land.
Sgt. Zagon
Be alert. There may be scouts.
Pvt. Zon
Let 'em come. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those Yazan pigs!
Gen. Zapolon
That's the spirit, man! Yaza has been a thorn in the side of Zayan for years. Now, finally, we come to end the threat. Yaza will fall, and the forces of Zayan will cover themselves in glory!
Army of Zayan
Pvt. Zan
What kind of people liv
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There's A Sunday Coming Soon Apocrypha
There's an endless line of people
Fleeing from a hell of sand
Forty years of thirst and hunger
Till they reached the Promised Land
And the fathers and the mothers
Fall down in the heat of noon
This is Friday, a day for dying
But there's a Sunday coming soon
And the rivers run uncaring
As the harps hang on the trees
And the singers weep in silence
As they feel the foreign breeze
For the gallows stands and threatens
As the queen begs for a boon
This is Friday, a day for dying
But there's a Sunday coming soon
Now the sky is bloody crimson
And the flames are licking tall
As the Temple burns and crumbles
And becomes a Wailing Wall
And the treasure's being rifled
As the mourners chant their tune
This is Friday, a day for dying
But there's a Sunday coming soon
Men in brown and black are gathered
And the houses are on fire
And the shower heads spray cyclon
As the children build the pyre
Overhead the iron eagle
Stands from hate and blindness hewn
This is Friday, a day for dying
But there's a Su
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Just Flipping Through my iPod
Teenagers, Fleurs du Mal,
Tarkus, You Can Call Me Al,
Ahti, Mack the Knife,
Court of Crimson King
Ride of Valkyries, Caroline,
Maid of Orleans, I Feel Fine,
St. Jimmy, Barcarolle,
D'you Hear the People Sing
Sussex Carol, Shenandoah,
Rues de Londres, Sogno,
Glory Days, The Elements,
Wake Me When September Ends
Sandlerkönig Eberhard,
Brick in Wall 2nd Part,
Perfect 10, Ghost of Tom Joad,
Great Song of Indifference!
Just flipping through my iPod
All these songs terrific
Artists so prolific
Just flipping through my iPod
We got songs galore
Just can't wait for more
Radetzky March, Schreechenrauf,
Sailor's Tale, Ich brauch Stoff,
Rite of Spring, Argyll Broadswords
Time to Say Goodbye
Wolfsegg Lady, Benzin,
C'est La Vie, God Save the Queen,
Curse of Baba Yaga,
and Goodbye Blue Sky
Talking Drum, Hello Love,
O for the Wings of a Dove,
Lüge, Katze, Kleiner Tod,
Dirty Old Town, Rosenrot,
Eva, Unbeliever,
Heidenröslein, Great Deceiver
Mattinata and Nebraska
Songe d'un Nuit de Sabbat
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EQD WTG #020: The Deliverance of the Exiles
Tartarus. A dark and forsaken vale, in the deepest, driest corner of the Equestrian Badlands. It is encircled by gaunt and razoring mountains, and within it dwell shadows, bound and weakened, that glower at the dim wasteland around them and dream twisted, raging nightmares. Every night, a cloud of tortures arises from the deeps and wisps itself to perdition in the cloudy heights, over the heads of the great black beast that stands, grim in its solitude before the heavy, forbidding gates.
There are those creatures that strain and rattle the heavy fetters that confine them within their spaces, and there are those who merely sit and seek in their minds a weakness that might free them; and then there are those who have lost hope, and lie on the gritty ground, and wait for time to weary and fall by the eternal wayside.
And in a sheltered nook, within sight if the gate and breath of the ever-forbidden air, stood a covered wagon. A group of ponies sat by it, and sang.
Trapped in our bitter
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EQD WTG #019 Passing the Torch
My name is Silver Script. I am a pegasus, I work at a small grocery store and I live in the City of Las Pegasus. I am a coltfriend, a valued worker and a faithful subject of their Highnesses, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. And I am the foundation stone of my town's future.
Las Pegasus has always been a vibrant and lively place – maybe too lively. Ponies here are full of energy, ready to start a new project and win new glory for themselves. And sometimes, those projects are on the wrong side of the law of Equestria.
Before this year's Equestria Games in the Crystal Empire, there was a pause longer than the usual Equestriad of four years – the Princesses, and the organizing committee, needed time after what happened at the Games in Fillydelphia.
It all came down to a pony – a pegasus, like me – called Silverwing. He did all kinds of odd jobs, working on a building site one week, sweeping chimneys the next. He knew how to make himself useful, and he knew how
:icon4scarface4:4ScarfAce4 1 3
EQD WTG #018: Dirty New World
The ground is crumbly and black, with a few stalks of brittle, grey grass clinging on, spanning the gap between the stinking oily river and the potholed road that leads to a wooden door, set into the sooty brick wall. The air here is thick and carries a smell of metal and acid, with a hint of many burnt things.
The sky could be blue, or it could be silvery-black, or even bloody, gorey red – the filthy clouds and boiling fog make it hard to tell, and in any case, the noise behind the great wall never stops, never sleeps. And what a noise it is – a pounding, a screaming, a hissing, the groans of ogres and the snoring of a dying dragon, with the steps of uncounted hooves and that loudest sound of all, the silence, that silence of grey bones and yellowing teeth, gritted, and the drops of black-dotted sweat over rust and discarded slag, the silence never stops, never stops deafening the ponies walking in trapped circles behind that wall.
Behind the wall, behind the door, lies an
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EQD WTG #015: Breakfast in Canterlot
“Good morning, Luna.”
Good morning to thee, sister of mine!
“Inside voice, Luna. Remember, the old days are past.”
A pause.
“What, dear sister of mine, is this brown beverage?”
“Ah, I thought you might like it. It's made from a Koom crop, but it was mainly developed by Griffons. They call it coffee.”
“Have we no wine? Remember the days of old, sister. We drank wine with every meal then.”
“The old days are past. Besides, we have to be role models for our subjects.”
“So it would seem. In the old days, our subjects also drank wine with every meal.”
“If they could afford it. And they hardly ever drank it with breakfast.”
“That is as may be. I distinctly remember it being my practise to drink wine with breakfast.”
“You usually got up at one in the afternoon, took an hour in the bathroom and then ate. Also, your head and liver are
:icon4scarface4:4ScarfAce4 1 11
EQD WTG #013: With A Little Help From Her Friends
Navigating through dreams is a precise and mystical art, not mastered by many ponies. To walk another's dreams, a pony will need empathy and imagination, intuition and sensitivity, not to mention a solid working knowledge of equine neurology. But above all else, to access the Dreamscape … a pony will need to find suitable surroundings to work from.
In the past, the dream-explorers of Equestria had chosen secluded and beautiful spots as entry points to the Dreamscape. Silvery, rustling groves; bald and austere mountaintops; dunes in the Southern Desert, beneath a glazing midnight sun. Later, rooms had been constructed, equipped with mystical murals, intoxicating scents and soft music, beneath a starry-glass dome. Images, smells and harmonies. Those were the three ingredients needed for dream-exploring, and any of these rooms, or somniaries, would have at least these three.
Canterlot Castle, of course, had its own somniary. It had vibrant images, fresh flowers, a babbling fountain
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EQD WTG #012: Visiting the Hengeberg
West of Ponyville lay an area that was often forgotten, and even more often passed over by those who knew of it. Clouds gathered there regularly, and when they left, having rained their drops, more came. It was a land of rains and rocks, and, like a pillar to which all else leaned, the Hengeberg.
It rose up, sharply, and its sides were steep and littered with rocks, and stones – many stones, gathered and cut by the hooves of the earth ponies who lived in its shadow. A wandering traveller, scaling its heights, might have walked among menhirs and monoliths, hewn columns and dolmens, cairns, ancient altars and bluestones. Some stood, some lay, some were smooth, many carved – with twining, undulous patterns like rope-snakes, tongues devouring cut mouths, eyes staring blankly out, and treading upon them, the ponies dead and gone.
Such a wanderer, clad perhaps in a sacken cloak, the hood pulled over her head, might have looked into the eyes of kings and warriors, mages and mother
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Luna in Ketten
Über Lunas Kopf
War der Himmel blau
Und im Kampf
War sie stets Siegerin
Und ihr Thron war hoch
Und die Krone schön
Und ihr Aug'
Verdrehte manchen Sinn
Dann stand sie auf
Und rief den Silbermond
Und der Pulk
Der raunte laut
Geliebt und doch
Von Furcht niemals verschont
Und ein Thron
Auf Sand gebaut
Luna in Ketten
Der Albtraum raubte ihr Gesicht
Und sie wurd' ein Gespenst
Das man bald vergaß
Luna, verzweifelt
Tausend Jahre schleppen fort
Luna, komm' doch zurück
Wir vergeben dir
Und in Lunas Herz
Machte Wut sich breit
Denn die Liebe
War vor ihr gefloh'n
Ihre Augen wurden
So traurig rot
Und sie sehnte
Sich nach wahrem Lohn
Dann schrie sie auf
Der schwarze Mond erschien
Und der Kampf
Entbrannte neu
Zum Himmel hoch
Musste sie dann flieh'n
Doch die Schwester
Blieb ihr treu
Luna in Ketten
Der Albtraum raubte ihr Gesicht
Und sie wurd' ein Gespenst
Das man bald vergaß
Luna, verzweifelt
Tausend Jahre schleppen fort
Luna, komm' doch zurück
Wir vergeben dir
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EQD WTG #011: The Sentry Tower on Craven's Cleft
Let us say, for the purposes of this story, that you were a crow. There were a lot of crows around Craven's Cleft, all day, every day, so another one wouldn't have made much difference.
You were probably roosting in the Coaltree, like most of your murder (a word that only a sentient race would think to apply to a group of inoffensive birds). From the Coaltree, a tall, spindly and almost completely charred plant that had somehow withstood centuries of weather, nesting and the occasional wildfire, you could see in three directions. On your left were the outside slopes of the Unicorn Range, a deep green (with maybe a few blues added in), reaching up to the point where the rocks started to latch and the bare, scratchy mountaintops took over. Straight ahead was the Sentry Tower, two stories of roughly masoned bricks, with a roof that had seen better days from the moment it was built and a window without a frame.
To your right was the path down from the Cleft, into Ashendell. Not speaking th
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EQD WTG #010: The Seven Sonnets
Angel Bunny sat in his basket, free at last to spread himself again, and listened as Fluttershy, in the kitchen, kept up a steady patter of stories from her trip to the home of the pesky little breeze ponies.
“And they live in mushroom houses! Actual mushroom houses! With doors and windows, and some kind of inside lighting …”
Angel allowed himself a smirk. Any rabbit worth his cowslips knew that mushrooms were no substitute for proper building materials. If a warren was particularly hard off, they might chew up a few to use as spackle, but otherwise fungus of any kind could safely be left to the insects.
Granted, though, the Breezie pests had seemed rather like insects. Gauzy wings, antennae, high-pitched voices and a tendency to annoy. As Angel listened to the continuing flow of exposition, he wondered how long his carrot salad was going to take, and permitted himself the fervent hope that most of the creatures would one day encounter a spiders' web at an inconvenien
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Mama, by My Chemical Romance. It's a pretty intense song about the battered relationship between a young person and his mother; some th...

If you think of betrayals in the Cartoon Network Teen Titans cartoon, the case of Terra is likely to be the first to spring to mind. A ...

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, alicorn characters tend to have semi-divine powers: they move celestial bodies and cause love t...

Superman. The archetypal superhero, the one we always think of: massively strong and able to fly, wearing a tight-fitting, colourful co...




We recently introduced mia cara's four-year-old son to Friendship is Magic, and as it turns out, he really loves it. In fact, he loves it so much, he's been identifying people he knows with FiM characters.

He himself is Rainbow Dash, which fits nicely. He's brave, lively and energetic, sometimes too much so for his own good.

Mia cara is Princess Luna. Also very fitting--calm, intelligent, and with a Tantabus inside her that I wish I could teach her to cope with. And she is a MAJOR Luna fan.

Mia cara's best friend, whom I've never met (she lives on the other side of the country) is Fluttershy. She, apparently, is quite shy in real life.

And me?

I'm Steven Magnet.

Apparently it's the hair.

We shall overcome. Actually, you guys can overcome without me for a while. I think I need to lie down.
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