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We recently introduced mia cara's four-year-old son to Friendship is Magic, and as it turns out, he really loves it. In fact, he loves it so much, he's been identifying people he knows with FiM characters.

He himself is Rainbow Dash, which fits nicely. He's brave, lively and energetic, sometimes too much so for his own good.

Mia cara is Princess Luna. Also very fitting--calm, intelligent, and with a Tantabus inside her that I wish I could teach her to cope with. And she is a MAJOR Luna fan.

Mia cara's best friend, whom I've never met (she lives on the other side of the country) is Fluttershy. She, apparently, is quite shy in real life.

And me?

I'm Steven Magnet.

Apparently it's the hair.

We shall overcome. Actually, you guys can overcome without me for a while. I think I need to lie down.
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I was born some time ago and am not sure when I will die. In between, I hope to be able to give the world something that will make it a nicer place.
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